Rapture 940AR

Chapter 1 Synopsis

Episode One

MacGruber forms a second group to investigate the Hellgates, recruiting boy genius Svass-Thai and his amnesiac, gate-sensitive friend, Verizon. Svass-Thai’s younger brother picks a fight with Michael Comcast, son of the powerful leader of the Cult of the Black Flame, a cult that allies with demons. In a foxing match in front of a large crowd, including the Baron, the team easily defeats the Cultists, but as the fight comes to a close the Mihn burst through the walls and begin to capture both Michael Comcast and the Princess (daughter of the Baron and Svass-Thai’s love interest). The party fights back in the Mihn, rescues the princess, and shows mercy to Comcast.

Episode Two

MacGruber is tapped by Atienti Comcast for an audience, while Svass-Thai and Verizon do some last minute research. Comcast asks MacGruber to break up a sex slave trader (run by a teenager) in the lower levels. MacGruber kidnaps Dallas and takes him to this room where two Black Cult members usher him off. At a bar, an informant approaches MacGruber with information about the kidnapped daughter of a fellow veteran. MacGruber sets forth to investigate. Meanwhile, Svass-Thai and Verizon investigate a possible lead to the Mihn attack implicating the Black Cult behind the Mihn attack as an attempt to kidnap the Princess. Svass-Thai and Verizon arrive at an empty storefront just before MacGruber who arrives just after an enemy shows up. The team defeats the cultist and find Dallas in the middle of some transformation into a demon. The boy is rescued but his memories are gone and it is revealed that he is an eunuch.

Episode Three

Comcast stops by the party to pick up a demonic statute that the party had taken from the Cultists. Svass-Thai discovers hidden blueprints in the Mihn DNA that create a ritual which transports the party to an interactive history lesson of the Mihn. At the pre-parade dinner with the Baron it is revealed that there has never been and never will be any expeditions to the gate, and that the Baron is the leader of the slave trade market as it is Sandy Hill’s most precious commodity. The party goes against the advice of the Baron and proclaims the news in front of the population, along with a guarantee that they will go through the Hellgate and end the Rapture. One the way out, Comcast stops them and tells them to look for three Hermits who knows of the Gates.



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