Rapture 940AR

MacGruber rescues the Girl

MacGruber fucking people, MacGruber not having a plan, MacGruber showing up at a bad time

“So MacGruber. You gonna go and do what’s needed?” Aetienti Comcast gave MacGruber a hard look, sizing up the up the man.

“Of course I will.” With that, MacGruber stormed out of the leader of the Black Flames private den, and off to save Eris, the daughter of his war buddy.

The problem was that MacGruber had pretty much ignored Aetienti’s instructions up to that point. Something about an informant at the bar, sex slaves, cultural revolution, and not killing people.

At the Bar

“Tell me – what do I have to do to get the girl!!” shouted MacGruber as he shook the informant violently.

“Bring ”/campaigns/rapture-940ar/characters/dallas" class=“wiki-content-link”>Dallas to the 3rd floor of the hyren sectum, alone, and the girl is yours."

“Well shit OK that sounds easy enough.”

At Dallas’ sex slave headquarters

“Tell me – what do I have to do to get you to come to the 3rd floor?”

[OOC: I can’t remember – what did MacGruber do to turn in Dallas as a sex slave?]


Verizon and Svass hunkered down in the lab, Svass performing research on the Minh using the Manatron, and Verizon attempting to steady his comrade and keep him free of distractions. Unfortunately Kimi Thai showed up and pleaded for the two budding heroes to meet with Utumbo and disarm some nefarious scheme.

But not before Svass created a “Minh honing device” which he named the BroodQueen Amulet. [magic item, +1 AC versus Minh, daily ability: for 1 hour know closest of BroodQueens. Other undiscovered ward effects].

With much prodding Kimi eventually dragged them to a bar to discuss, warnings were made, drinks were had, and after much conversation Verizon and Svass left to intercede a demon sacrifice.

Right when Svass and Verizon had positioned the perfect drop on their unaware opponents, MacGruber showed up.

MacGruber kills people

Dallas was phased in / phased out as cultists attempted to transmogrify his soul in exchange for incarnating a demon. Or something like that. MacGruber pretty much killed everyone, and even saved Dallas, though MacGruber was the one who had traded Dallas’ life for that of Eris. Dallas doesn’t know that though. Because he lost his memory as a side effect of the ritual.

When Dallas’ body guards showed up, Svass managed to convince them to move a big evil demon statue and cultist trappings to his study at the College. Which lands our adventurers in a big pile of shit for the next session.

God summed it up thus:

You disrupted some weird ass ritual that was changing the boy-pimp, Dallas, into a demon, but that left Dallas memoryless.
MacGruber has a card with a location on it to meet his informant that told him where to take Dallas.
Utumbo, the Princess’ guardian, is waiting for you to give him feedback on your investigation into the possible kidnappers of the Princess.
The manatron has enough Mihn-junk for probably one more experiment, though it’ll require everyone’s help to keep the distractions at bay and possibly do other laboratory tricks.
You have 5 days before leaving the colony.
There is to be a parade/party to celebrate you leaving the walls immediately after dining with the Baron. You an already feel the festiveness.
You are to leave during the parade, following a guide through the Mihn tunnels towards the Hellgate appx 15miles north of the colony.



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