Exxon Ryuu

The Church's Lead Assassin


While allied,

HP 49
AC 22 F 20 R 22 W 18
Speed 7

Basic Melee attack: +12 vs AC 2d8 + 6
Flurry: Make two basic melee attacks on the same target
Dashing Strike (recharge 6): teleport speed, make flurry attack, teleport speed again

  • Member of Party of Seven
  • Wears a long black duster, even when its hot, to conceal his twin arm blades
  • Has a tattoo of a dragon on the left side of his face from his forehead down to his jawline
  • Younger brother to Valdez Ryuu
  • The leader of the Church of the Eventide’s assassin group
  • Respects a warriors code of conduct, detests politicians – this goes above faction lines

In Game 4, Exxon deferred a direct order to engage the party due to a convincing diplomatic move and suggestion that a larger group would survive better outside the colony.

Exxon Ryuu

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