Valdez Ryuu

Leader of the Party of Seven


While allied,

HP 78
AC 23 F 23 R 22 W 26
Speed 7

Basic Melee attack: +15 vs AC 2d6 + 6
Magic Missile: five attacks always hits; 2d4 + 8
Disintegration (recharge on 6): +13 vs Fort; 60 fire dmg

  • Leader of Party of Seven
  • Late thirties, early forties with long straight black hair; stands a looming 6’ 5"
  • Wears a long black and purple wizard’s robe, carries a tome and a simple staff with runes inscribed on one end.
  • Is very devout to Eventide Church of the Rapture, and fully committed to his mission

Valdez Ryuu

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