Chapter 2 Synopsis

Episode 4

The party encounters some of the Baron’s forces in the Mihn tunnels and after nearly a full day’s travel enters a large cavernous room where seven members of The Church of Eventide are. The party learns this group is in possession of a mobile manatron and is also en route to the Hellgate, but with other intentions. After some superb diplomacy, the group and the Party of Seven decide to ally en route to the Hellgate.

Episode 5

The players and the Party of Seven prepare for Mihn invasion, when, wandering in the tunnels, Ahmenhama stumbles across the party. She explains that Sandy Hill was attacked by a large force of Mihn who were targeting very important targets, as opposed to their normal randomness in attacks. The Mihn invasion comes lead by a sentient servant of the Brood Queen, the first sentience the party has seen of the Mihn. After six fucking hours of rolling dice the party decides to make a run for it. At a branch in the tunnel to the surface, the group splits from the Party of Seven. The players stumble into the ancient ruins of some abandoned colony.

Episode 6

The filler episode, but dammit I was trying to give you a history lesson! The party discovers the abandoned colony is haunted by a cyclic reenactment of a massacre that happened here many years ago. From the ghosts they hear of a rumor of another Hellgate to the far south. The reenactment plays out to show the colony’s police force massacring many civilians. At the gateway to the surface, the party is assaulted by wraiths who haunt the entrance after the gateway’s runic protection kills many people. The party escapes to find themselves on the surface for the first time overlooking a shallow, partially dried out lake. A cabin is within eye sight and an old man greets them. The man explains himself “like” Verizon.

Episode 7

The party learns that Verizon is actually an ancient being called an Immortal (whose name is Corellon), who has the power to resurrect into another person’s body. The Hermit reveals himself also an Immortal by the names Simon and Pelor, the later being his original name. Pelor reveals two more Immortals: Atienti Comcast, leader of the Cult of the Black Flame (once known by the name Erathis), and Nerfel/Moradin, leader of Haven. Haven was explained to be the overlooker of the Hellgate and the only way to travel to the other side. The party left for their last march. Under nightfall they approached the Hellgate, a giant crater glittering with shards of glass with an island suspended in mid-air directly over the center of the crater. The party followed some demon slavers up the path to Haven and met Ogre, the security chief of Haven. Ogre escorted the group into a meeting room when an emergency lockdown took effect. The remainder of the Party of Seven had invaded and massacred everyone that stood between them and the magically bound star at the heart of Haven. At the core, Valdez, leader of the Party of Seven, began channeling the star’s energy to cast ritual which proved to be a mass demonic summoning ritual. Dwight, the nice guy from the Party of Seven, explained that the highest members of the Church of the Eventide believed this mass summoning would start a Third Great War and lead to a never ending onslaught of demons. The Gnomes that operated Haven warned Verizon that Haven was actually a spaceship of kinds and was about to jump. In a last-second extension of peace to the Party of Seven, the mobile manatron was spared to Svass-Thai. The ritual completed summoning in thousands of demons, and the players fled using a flying airship (that Verizon had piloted in the past). They crossed through the Hellgate after Ahmenhama chucked a bloodstone at it, but only after accidentally mowing down a Party of Seven member with the airship’s machine guns.

The other side of the gate proved to be a universe that had shattered to pieces. Variously-sized islands of rock floated through the skies with no seeming end in any direction. Three distinctively large islands became apparent. To the right was a stepped island where an old lava flow had hardened into rock forming a waterfall of stone from one level to the next. Taking up most of their vision was a colossal mountain that shot some 12 miles vertically. At the base of the mountain were plains scattered with the ruined remains of civilization. Under the large mountain was a spinning, dark and sponge-like plane permanently cast in shadows. Only small edges of this plane would get any light from above, and the bodies of water around the plane above poured directly into the sponge plane. Shortly after arriving, the airship came under attack by mounted dragons. After some good maneuvers and blowing the secret weapon, the airship made way for what looked like the Haven spaceship crashing into the side of the mountain. Upon arrival, they were met with a tall Deva male, who explained that Haven dropped from the sky and was really fucked up from the fall.

Chapter 2 Synopsis

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