The Mihn are a force that is a constant threat to colony life. At the heart of a Mihn swarm is the Brood Queen. Little is known of the Brood Queen other than its capacity to generate the many units that comprise the Mihn swarm.

Burrowing into the colony and snatching the weak or unsuspecting, the Mihn Scavenger is the front line to any Mihn incursion. A solid flesh abdomen with a bird-like beak protruding towards the ground, the scavenger walks, climbs, and drags its victims by the four human arms sewn into its body like spider legs. The cacophony of the smacking of human hands “running” over dirt is the last thing you want to hear echoing through an empty colony hallway.

Bursting into the colony the Mihn Digger serves two purposes, to plow its way through the soil creating tunnels and to quickly transport a small squad of Mihn to a location. The digger appears as a large earthworm like creature with a rock solid beak that crushes the larger pieces of dirt. An inner mouth digests the finely grained dirt and serves as a portcullis for Mihn travelling inside.

An upgrade from the scavenger model, the Mihn Brute is composed of demon arms that can project poisonous quills at range. An aura of evil purpose emanates from the once-Hellborn flesh.

A rarity, the Mihn Magi opts for the lesser dextrous three-armed mobility to mount its fourth arm on top of its abdomen. Stolen from a mana adept corpse, otherworldly runes power the magi to cast lightning based magics.

In the presence of a Brood Queen, Mihn Tentacles often dart in and out of the soil as a last ditch safety protocol. Armed with a sack of Mihn Spores, the tentacles first call to duty is to contain targets by building a wall of spore. Anyone foolish to travel through the spore risks an invasion of tiny Mihn agents that attack from the inside. As an advanced evolutionary leap, the spores can also reassemble themselves to patch up fellow Mihn.

Serving as the eyes and ears of the Brood Queen, the Beholder Mihn oversees territory immediate to the Queen. A floating orb of ever twisting vine and moss, dozens of fleshy stalks protrude from the Beholder with eyes perched on the ends that independently scout the area. A large central eye above a gaping jaw of sharp teeth would instill terror on those unlucky enough to venture too close to a Queen. Though a highly evolved war machine, Beholders that live long enough develop their own consciousness that exists in parallel with the Queen’s. Different Beholders have different traits and personalities, and some have been known to communicate with humans.


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