Sandy Hill Colony


  • A 13-level colony, with the original colonial walls going only four levels deep.
  • Hereditary monarchy, currently ruled by Baron Thermos.
  • Stark division in class where the high society lives in the original first four levels, the well-respected working class (police, lab, adventurers, army) live in the fifth through eighth levels, and the underlings of society live in the ninth through thirteenth levels.
  • In trade with Stanford Colony: Stanford provides material goods in exchange for Sandy Hill’s FoodStuff.


  1. Seat of government and army, Baron Thermos, Nestle Cooke
  2. Nobility estates, Svass-thai (and family), Verizon, General Electric
  3. Eventide Church of the Rapture, Ford Cola
  4. Nyana
  5. Skiie
  6. tbd
  7. Aetna
  8. Cult of the Black Flame, Aetienti Comcast
  9. tbd
  10. Foxing ring, bar district, Content Not Found: gugol
  11. tbd
  12. tbd
  13. tbd

Sandy Hill Colony

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