The Book of Origins

The Aspects were the ones to forge something from nothing and create the great planes of Terya’h.

Bodiless, for fear of one another, they poured their Will into Manifestations, sentient beings of chaos and energy, to stake dominion over Terya’h. Great wars were fought between alliances of Aspects, exhausting all of their Great Will to summon armies of Manifestations. One by one, the Aspects of the First Age were toppled by friend and foe. As the last Aspects grew in dominion, one Aspect proved to rule them all. Betrayer of his allies, He Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken, had conquered all of Teryah, vanquishing the last of the Aspects. With complete dominion, a Dark Age, long as the sky was black, enveloped Terya’h. But the Betrayer grew idle and grew weak, until a Great Rebellion of Manifestations overthrew The Black Aspect thus ending the First Age. But the Manifestations were themselves divided.

In the Second Age, the Manifestations breathed life into Terya’h, creating the ancient civilization of the Terya’jah. An infinitely renewable source of warfare over the vast infinity of time, the never-aging Terya’jah were enslaved by the great armies of the Manifestations. But the Manifestations, all having witnessed and participated in the obliteration of their Ancestors, spared all out war. Eons passed while the Manifestations divided into three Houses, each totally inaccessible by the other. The Terya’jah descended into three mortal bloodlines, one under each House: the Erti, the Ori, and the Sumi. Naught but ancient hymns and poems do we know of the Erti and the Ori paths. But of the Sumi, they grew afraid of the Terya’jah’s ever lasting life and began devouring the First Blood of Life for immortality. This infuriated the Sumi’s Manifestations, and they moved with great anger across their own soils to tighten the shackles of the Sumi slaves. But the Sumi were too strong. Inside each, they bore the strength to fight against the Manifestations, and within five generations the Sumi had toppled their masters.

As the last Manifestation fell, the planes of Terya’h quaked. Great mountains broke apart. Grasslands as far as the eye could see crumbled away. Rivers flowed backwards and falls fell upwards. The heavens and the earths shook apart until you see what there is today. A Third Age had dawned, one without Gods. Beings of flesh and soul survived through the quake and named themselves Godslayers and their dominion was named Chak’Habal. For as far as the eye could see, the ship could sail, and the crow could fly the Godslayers ruled the lands . They carried themselves as benevolent rulers and protectors of the land and a Great Age of Prosperity ensued. Other senient beings of the wild would join the empire and become industrious, spreading great networks of cities along the fertile land. Peace had finally come to Terya’h.

Fresh in our minds, as if yesteryear, the Third Age came to an end after millenia of prosperity. Great gateways opened in the ruins of forgotten cities, and the long lost Erti tribe brought upon the Fourth Age of Terya’h. Wave after wave of The Enemy’s armies poured in to declare dominion of Chak’Habal. Great War ensued. At first the Erti armies, with their sorcery and dragons clad in iron, overwhelmed the Godslayers, but The Great Mingrelian, greatest Magi of all the Godslayers resisted. Summoning a great army, Mingrelian repelled the invaders to the thresholds of their gateways and beyond, but a Great Evil the Erti had unleashed as their ultimate weapon. Uregal, a demon from the Second Age, was loosed upon Chak’Habal. A darkness spread from the Plane of Dargin to all other planes for many generations. The Godslayers were hunted down, exterminated and imprisoned until Dagestanian, son of Lezgin, the Protector of the Seed, smote Uregal and ripped out his heart. But the Heart of Uregal would not accept defeat easily and so trapped Dagestanian, son of Lezgin, in eternal combat under the Mount of Dargin. Uregal’s Fury ever erupts in a constant struggle with the Presence of Dagestanian for control of the Plane of Dargin. And so we have peace again in Chak’Habal having driven off the Erti and defeated their Demon of Old.

It is the Third Generation of Godslayer Rule, and one hundred sixty one generations of Man since the defeat of Uregal on the Mount of Dargin. Dagestanian’s descendants are the last powerful family of the ancient race of Sumi and vigilantly protect our borders in the Great Peace of the Fourth Age.

The Book of Origins

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