The Rapture

An excerpt from The Diction’s Book of Rapture:

The Day had come when The Almighty returned with an army of angels by His side. But He Who Brought Light into this world was not here to take us to the Promised Land, for He had only in his heart Love for us. Descending from the Mountaintops, the Lion of Many Faces approached the first man He could find; a farmer by the name Michael.

“Michael, what have you done? Why has the world not prepared for The Rapture? Is it not written in your texts, prescribed by your oracles, and governed by your leaders that I, He Who Breathed The First Life, would return? Is it not known that Judgement Day hath come to you?”

Michael, a meager man, well off for his age having adopted his farm early, kneeled and bowed his head before the Graciousness of The Holy One and the legion of angels in the hills behind him.

“Forgive us Lord, we have grown weak, comforted in our many sinful ways. Please have mercy on our souls, we know not what we do,” Michael begged.

The Redeemer of Souls backed away remorseful for what had to be done. Addressing his legion of angels He decreed, "Let forever today be known as The Rapture. Whilst Humanity had ten thousand years to spread The Word, The Joy, and The Love they abused the power of Free Will I have granted them. Instead of proving themselves strong in the face of Sin, Sin has washed them over like a bottomless barrel of the strongest of ales.

“For your lust, may your fertility match the very decorations you have donned upon your loins to deflect The Word of Life.

“For your gluttony, the wheat in your fields will sicken you and your cattle and you will be forced to eat the Moss of the Shadows.

“For your greed, let your empires crumble to the dust, your currency run dry, and the only tool of bartering you have left be your word.

“For your sloth, let every man, woman, and child who not have the stamina to protect their land lose it and be cast into the caves from whence you came.

“For your envy, I take from you everything so that your covetous ways may be removed.

“For your pride, let no man lift his head and feel the warmth of the sun upon his skin.

“For your wrath, may an unending war burn out the skies and tear your earth asunder.

“This is The Rapture, and in one thousand years when I return there will be another judgement. Let then the blessed and the valorous return with me to Heaven.”

The Rapture

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