Woodside Colony

Following a humid breeze up a Mihn tunnel, the party finds themselves at a dead end. This tunnel has collapsed, probably many centuries ago. The collapse, it seems, broke open a chasm in the side of the tunnel. A sheet of steel is revealed behind the Mihn wall with a gap just wide enough for the adventurers to go through. On the other side, they are met with a cold, still damp air. A light source is seen down a tilted hallway.

At the end of the path, the room opens up. Ten foot ceilings and wide central halls immediately tip the group off to purpose of this place: another colony. By the looks of it, this colony has been abandoned for a very long time. The cement walls have eroded, lots of earth and metal and stone clutter the ground. A large fissure runs down the length of the hall into the main courtyard, the center of the cross-shaped colony.

Piercing the ceiling and rising for another three stories is a giant statue of a nobleman in the center of the courtyard. Moonlight pours down from gap in the ceiling four floors above. Water drips down forming a puddle at the base of the statue. A moss covered brass plate adorns the base of the statue:

Governor Jordan Brown
Merciful Defender of the Woodside Colony
639 – 668 AR

Woodside Colony

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